Management: The mall is managed by George Zukowski, General          Manager.  George is an experienced leader with background in 
   antiques, sales, and mall management as well as a previous career
   in the banking industry.  Since opening in 1998, we have maintained
   an exceptional level of dealers and are continually looking for top 
   quality dealers.

           Building:  Our 24,000 square foot building was custom 
                 designed and built to our specifications.  It is fully                              heated and air conditioned.  Very wide aisles provide                            excellent traffic flow accommodating large strollers
,                crowds and wheelchairs with ease.

            Booth Space:  We offer dealer spaces from 9'6" to 19'                      wide.  All spaces are 10' deep and have walls on three                          sides.  The walls are made of quality hardboard,textured,                    painted and suitable for hanging.  Most side walls are 7'.                      Rear walls are either 8' or full ceiling height of 10'. 

            Showcase Space:  We offer over 100 locked and lighted                     4' by 6' showcases.  Our showcases are spread out along 
                  each aisle to avoid the "glass tunnel" effect.  We also
                  allow floor dealers to place showcases in their spaces. 

                 Rental Rates:  Our rent is a flat fee per Booth and/or                        Showcase.  We do not charge our dealers a commission on 
                 their sales nor do we require our dealers to work.

            Dealer Services:  Our staff is committed to helping
                 dealers in any way we can.  Several carts, flatbed dollies,
                  ladders and numerous tools are available for dealer use.
                 Our modern computer system lets us check dealer sales
                 easily and allows us to make dealer sales payouts promptly
                 each month.

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Gurnee Antique Center
5742 Northridge Drive
Gurnee, Illinois  60031
Phone:  (847) 782-9094

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  Hours of Operations: Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5 and on 
  Thursdays until 8:00pm.  We are open almost every day,
  closed just three days a year; Christmas Day,Thanksgiving
  and Easter.

  Customers First:  They are the very reason we exist. We
  are committed to providing exceptional service to our 
  customers by bringing them top quality, authentic 18th,
  19th  and early 20th century antiques.  

  The 50 Year Standard:  After all, shouldn't antiques be
  old?  We use our staff and external appraisers to review
  merchandise.  We actively remove items that areproven
  not to be at least 50 years old.

  Reproductions & Fakes:  The curse of the Antiques
  Business!  We actively search for and remove items that
  could mislead an uninformed buyer.  Our staff will freely
  offer advice and guidance.  We are always learning and
  hope our dealers and customers will help the Antiques
  Industry develop a deeper level of knowledge and
  commitment to authenticity.

  Quality Merchandise:  The single most important factor
  in repeat buying.  We use independent appraisers to
  monitor the merchandise offered.  Our dealers are asked 
  to remove items of questionable quality, authenticity or