Gurnee Antique Center Circa 2009-2012 Info


For a number of years this was the website for the Gurnee Antique Center. It remains one of Illinois largest antique malls offering exceptional service and top quality antique merchandise.There are no crafts or new collectibles. Now under new ownership, the Gurnee Antique Center, known as the Gurnee Antique Market, has more than 100 dealers offering their phenomenal wares nearly every day, in the market's 21,000 square feet of space. The Gurnee Antique Market is a trove of unique and eclectic finds.
Content is from the site's 2009-2012 archived pages.  

If you have inadvertanatly arrived here while looking for information about the Gurnee Antique Market, get the most up-to-date information at the Gurnee Antique Market's current website found at or visit their facebook page:

Information from Circa 2000-2012

Gurnee Antique Center
5742 Northridge Drive
Gurnee, Illinois  60031
Phone:  (847) 782-9094



  Hours of Operations: Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5 and on Thursdays until 8:00pm.  We are open almost every day, closing just four days a year; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

  Customers First: They are the very reason we exist. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers by bringing them top quality, authentic 18th, 19th  and early 20th century antiques.  

  The 50 Year Standard:  After all, shouldn't antiques be old?  We use our staff and external appraisers to review merchandise.  We actively remove items that are proven not to be at least 50 years old.

  Reproductions & Fakes:  The curse of the Antiques Business!  We actively search for and remove items that could mislead an uninformed buyer.  Our staff will freely offer advice and guidance.  We are always learning and  hope our dealers and customers will help the Antiques  Industry develop a deeper level of knowledge and commitment to authenticity.

  Quality Merchandise:  The single most important factor in repeat buying.  We use independent appraisers to monitor the merchandise offered.  Our dealers are asked to remove  items of questionable quality, authenticity or age.

Pleasing & Stimulating Environment: the setting should demonstrate creative uses for antiques.

Dealer Friendly Service: a commitment by our staff to "Dealer Delight". Our dealers provide exceptional quality merchandise, it's our job to help them in stocking, merchandising, and selling. We try to be there whenever needed and to help our dealers in any way possible.




Space Availability: We filled all our rental spaces (over 200 total) 8 days after we opened! We expect to have some turnover and are continually looking for top quality dealers.

Rental Rates: Our rent is a flat fee based on floor space and/or number of showcases. We do not charge our dealers commission on their sales nor do we require our dealers to work.

Market: Gurnee is in the heart of Lake County Illinois, just north of Chicago near the Wisconsin border. We draw from the affluent Chicago North Shore communities and are developing a Chicago-wide following. Our location along Interstate 94 has great highway visibility and provides easy access to a very large group of travelers bound for Wisconsin destinations like Door County and The Dells. We are adjacent to Six Flags\Great America  and across the freeway from Gurnee Mills Mall which now houses the new Bass Pro\Outdoor World. These two attractions drew more than 25 million visitors a year. In addition, there are active plans to add a major Water Park and Convention Center.

Building: Our 24,000 square foot building was custom designed and built to our specifications. It is fully heated and air conditioned. Access is controlled through a single main entrance and one dealer/store room entrance. Very wide aisles provide excellent traffic flow accommodating large strollers, crowds and wheelchairs with ease.

Floor Space: We offer 98 dealer spaces from 9'6" to 19' wide. All spaces are 10' deep and have walls on three sides. Very wide aisles of 11' provide excellent traffic flow accommodating large strollers, crowds and wheelchairs with ease.

Walls: All walls are construction quality hardboard, textured, painted and suitable for hanging. Most side walls are 7'. Rear walls are either 8' or full ceiling height of 10'.

Showcases: We offer 110 locked and lighted showcases. Our showcases are spread out along each aisle to avoid the "glass tunnel" effect. We also allow floor dealers to place showcases in their spaces. All showcases are centrally keyed and only working staff members are given keys. Our showcases are spread out along each aisle to avoid the "glass tunnel" effect.  We also  allow floor dealers to place showcases in their spaces.

Dealer Services: Our staff is committed to helping dealers any way we can. Several carts, flatbed dollies, ladders, and numerous tools are available for dealer use. We provide assistance in unloading, carrying large furniture, hanging items, decorating, and booth painting. Our modern computer system lets us check dealer sales easily and allows us to make dealer sales payouts twice a month.

Ship-and-Show: We offer a unique service for dealers who find it difficult to personally restock their spaces. Dealers can simply ship new stock to us and we'll redecorate for them using the new merchandise.

Management: The mall is managed by George Zukowski, General  Manager.  George is an experienced leader with background in              antiques, sales, and mall management as well as a previous career in the banking industry.  Since opening in 1998, we have maintained anexceptional level of dealers and are continually looking for top  quality dealers.

Booth Space:  We offer dealer spaces from 9'6" to 19'     wide.  All spaces are 10' deep and have walls on three sides.  The walls are made of quality hardboard,textured,   painted and suitable for hanging.  Most side walls are 7'.   Rear walls are either 8' or full ceiling height of 10'.




Customer RCP Comments: I was a good, rather great customer here back in the day. I buy contemporary examples of upholstery applied to small objects, especially pillows. The trick is to evaluate the workmanship, but also hugely important is the fabric & how the fabric is embellished. But often just the print or jacquard makes all the difference. Because I have a collection of round pillows, I was struck when looking for some dog beds for my pups. I found that there are pillow dog beds that are made with high end fabrics. sells this type of round dog beds exclusively and the choice of fabric coverings is considerable and very high quality. Not that they would replace my Victorian embossed beauties, but they are definitely decorative and fit for any upscale setting. The other item I'm obsessed with is the cumberbund - not the traditional one that comes with a tux rental but more fit for royalty fashion. There are not many that come into the shop, but I may have purchased every one. The gems are available if you're persistent and patient.


Gurnee Antique Center YELP REVIEWS 2009 -2011


Sarah S.
Arlington, VA
4.0 star rating 7/16/2011
I decided to check this place out since it's the only antiques place in the area. They have a ton of booths and they are all pretty well organized, everything is labeled, they have lots of variety, etc. It's definitely not a place where you find the dregs of someone's estate, but that also means you're not going to find a needle in the haystack undervalued item. They've done their research, which means peace of mind, but not a lot of deals.

I didn't buy anything but they had everything I usually look for: lladros, jewelry, linens, kitchen items, and books. They had a ton of furniture and lamps, which I don't need now but will keep in mind for the future. I spent about an hour and a half walking through the booths and I know I missed a lot.


Matthew W.
Aurora, IL
4.0 star rating 4/3/2011
While staying at "Key Lime Cove", we saw a sign for here and took the opportunity to check it out.

It's a medium sized building, but you could still spend quite a bit of time here if you looked at everything !!  The best part of the "Gurnee Antique Center" is that there is no JUNK !!!. Nothing worse then stopping at an "antique" store and finding all junk.

The prices are up towards the high end and I don't know how much "haggling" is allowed, but at least you know that what you are looking at is of value.


Marty P.
Aurora, IL
4.0 star rating 4/30/2011
We moved here from Baltimore with our collection of antique frames.

We arranged with the Center in advance and they suggested we use Hampden Moving since the owner had some experience with them. Baltimore to Gurnee - that's a long move and we were very concerned about damage during the move, but our Baltimore long haul movers did it without breaking a single frame! When moving delicate antiques long distances, the biggest worry is breakage during the ride, but our intrepid Baltimore movers were very cautious, wrapping each piece in multiple layers of bubble wrap.

We were delighted that our frames found a new home in the Gurnee Antique Center and we've sent many of our new neighbors to the mall to peruse all the cool antiques they have on display. Go take a look!


Brett A.
Evanston, IL
5.0 star rating 5/3/2012
If you are a collector -- serious or just for fun -- this is a terrific destination.  Some people mention that it is pricey, but over the years I've found plenty of deals, and the quality of the offerings is so high, that it is really worth the drive out.  Plus twice a year they hold sales -- in the early spring and in the fall -- where dealers post discounts on all goods from 20%- 50% off!  This is a huge antique center, so give yourself time to browse.


Brad E.
Milwaukee, WI
4.0 star rating 2/13/2012
This is a big antique mall. There are some really huge furniture items, mixed in with a variety of, pretty much anything that you could think of. There are nice collections of books, carnival games, dishes, pottery, kitchen items, Christmas decorations, toys, etc. The prices at this mall are higher but it, nevertheless, is a very fun time. You could expect to spend around 2 hours here to see everything.


paul p.
Chicago, IL
2.0 star rating 12/1/2012
Most of the dealers here are selling rather mediocre merchandise, but have priced their offerings as if they re selling the treasures of Xanadoo. You can do far better buying on ebay.


Lindsay S.
Addison, IL
4.0 star rating 7/5/2009
i love this mall! it's pretty big and the stuff is great. They have strict standards for the age of items, so usually it's safe to bet that everything IS old and there are VERY few reproductions. I don't get up to Gurnee very often because it's so far for me, i used to go more when i was a dealer here myself, but it is definitely worth the drive. My only gripe is that it's kind of pricey so be prepared to pay premium prices.